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ABB partners with EV manufacturer to build charging network

October 1, 2020   by Don Horne

ABB has joined forces with Lion Electric to sell and service electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment throughout North America

ABB has partnered with Lion Electric, a manufacturer of zero-emission vehicles, to strengthen the transition to a zero-emissions future in North America. ABB will offer its complete charging equipment product line to Lion Electric, to be sold under Lion Electric’s new Lion Energy infrastructure specialty division, making the Saint-Jérôme, Quebec-based company a service partner for ABB.

“Reinforcing our commitment to e-mobility, we are pleased to partner with Lion Electric as we share the same pioneering vision for an electrified future,” said Bob Stojanovic, ABB’s head of EV Charging Infrastructure for North America.  “Collaborating with innovative vehicle makers to ensure the vehicles and the charging work seamlessly is a crucial part of ABB’s mission to ensure electric transformation succeeds.”

Lion Energy, the heavy-duty vehicle manufacturer’s end-to-end infrastructure solution is designed to streamline the process of EV charging station installation. Lion Energy packages charging infrastructure design and review, project management, utility coordination and customized consultation to its customers, easing the complex process of charging station installation.


ABB’s portfolio and services span the entire kW chain from compact AC wallboxes to DC fast charging stations, Terra 54 (Fast Chargers) and Heavy Vehicle Chargers. ABB will supply the full range of solutions to support the Lion Electric fleet which ranges from small buses to 300kw battery trucks.

Lion6 all-electric truck and Terra DC Wallbox ABB terminal

Lion6 all-electric truck and Terra DC Wallbox ABB terminal.

“Over the past few years, Lion Electric has delivered hundreds of electric buses and trucks, and it has been a goal of ours to provide a complete turnkey charging infrastructure solution for our customers,” said Marc-Andre Page, vice president of Commercial Operations at Lion Electric. “With our deep experience in EV charging, we are proud to partner with a segment leader like ABB to provide premium EVSEs to our customers. We feel the Lion and ABB partnership was a natural fit as both companies are pioneers in electrification and share a common goal of decarbonizing transit. We are looking forward to deploying ABB equipment and to offer a state-of-the-art charging infrastructure solution to our customers.”

Lion Electric will be trained to undertake the servicing of ABB’s EV charging solutions. ABB’s charging hardware and software are designed to meet the needs of e-buses and trucks. ABB will also support the end customers’ installation of the charging equipment, making the implementation of electrification easier for school bus and transit fleets.

North America faces air quality challenges throughout the region. In 2018, Canada’s transport sector accounted for more than 35 percent of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Government of Canada. The majority of these transport emissions were related to road transportation, which includes personal transportation, such as light-duty vehicles and trucks, and heavy-duty vehicles. The American Lung Association’s “State of the Air” 2020 report found that close to five in ten people — 150 million Americans—live in counties affected by unhealthy ozone and/or particle pollution, the two most widespread air pollutants in the United States.

The widespread transition to zero-emission transportation technologies could produce emission reductions in 2050 that could add up to $72 billion in avoided health harms, saving approximately 6,300 lives and avoiding more than 93,000 asthma attacks and 416,000 lost work days annually due to significant reductions in transportation-related pollution

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