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An app that puts mass metering in your hands

April 21, 2021   Don Horne

How much time can you save by using a smartphone app to interact with your mass meter? The tedious steps of setup, monitoring, changing settings and validating performance can now be done more easily and simply from your cellphone.

Alec O’Keefe, a Krohne Group product specialist – along with Joe Incontri, the director of marketing – will be leading a discussion in a free, one-hour April  28 webinar on how your smartphone can make operating a mass meter simpler from the palm of your hand.

The one hour will include a 10-minute video and time for a Q&A.

To register for this free webinar, go here:



“As instruments get smarter, they can get more complex to setup and monitor. We’ve addressed that with a smart app for our OPTIMASS Coriolis mass flow meters to guide you through all you need to know for set-up, maintenance and even verification,” states Incontri.

O’Keefe is responsible for the growth and development of business for Coriolis, variable area and vortex flow meters in North America.

A big part of his work includes pre-sales and post-sales support, development of training and marketing communications, and keeping on top of product and market updates.


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