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Anaconda Mining earns envrionmental stewardship accolade

March 29, 2018  

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Anaconda Mining Inc. has been recognized with the Natural Resources Magazine’s Industry Excellence Award for Environmental Stewardship.

Natural Resources Magazine’s Industry Excellence Awards recognizes companies in Atlantic Canada’s natural resources sectors that are striving for and achieving greatness in resource development, health and safety, innovation, environmental stewardship and championing communities.

“Anaconda Mining strives to be an environmental leader in the mining sector with a focus on implementing proven and innovative green initiatives that contribute to the sustainability of the environment,” says Dustin Angel, President and CEO of Anaconda. “In the past two years we have implemented projects unique to the industry that have turned liabilities into revenue opportunities, while also having significant positive environmental impacts. We use ingenuity, innovation and technology to maximize value for all of our stakeholders.”

Examples of Anaconda’s commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation include:

• The establishment of a deep water port at the Point Rousse Project, which created the opportunity to turn approximately three million tonnes of waste rock into a competitive product in the seaborne aggregates market. The shipment of aggregates for this venture reduced the need for waste rock disposal on site, decreasing the overall environmental footprint of the Point Rousse Project, while creating significant non-dilutive financing;

• The permitting of a seven million-tonne in-pit tailings facility in the Pine Cove Pit at Point Rousse, which can provide up to 15 years of storage capacity with less technical and environmental risks compared to conventional, constructed facilities; and

• Product testing of tailings from the Point Rousse Project as a soil enhancement product, and exploring potential markets in the agriculture industry.

(Anaconda Mining Inc.)