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Is your Dust Hazard Analysis up to snuff?

September 4, 2020   by Don Horne

Monday, September 7 was the deadline for most manufacturers to have a Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA) on file under NFPA 652: Standard on Combustible Dust.

Donaldson, The dust collector manufacturer Donaldson is helping facilities prepare through a Combustible Dust Resource page.

“In manufacturing facilities that generate or handle dust, it’s an important responsibility to manage combustion risks,” says Chrissy Klocker, applications engineering manager at Donaldson.

Included on the resource page are:

  1. Combustible Dust Roadmap for making key decisions;
  2. Interactive graphic of available fire and explosion mitigation devices;
  3. Guide to tackling the DHA process; and
  4. Tips for specific industries: metals, food, powder and chemicals.

“A well-designed, maintained, and operated dust collection system is an integral part of facility managers’ efforts to comply with NFPA 652 and other standards and regulations,” adds Klocker.

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