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Carlyle Johnson Machine acquires Regent Controls

August 14, 2018   Don Horne

The Carlyle Johnson Machine Company has announced the acquisition of Regent Controls, Inc., a manufacturer of clutch and brake controls, timers, relays, and custom control solutions.

“Regent Controls is a great fit for us,” says Tom Thiffault, Marketing Manager at The Carlyle Johnson Machine Company. “Carlyle Johnson brings our advanced engineering and sales support to strengthen the scope and market reach of Regent products. The acquisition of Regent allows us to expand our product range, offering more integrated and complete solutions to customers in the power transmission and custom drives marketplace.”

Carlyle Johnson purchased Regent in May, in an effort to enhance the company’s R&D and production capabilities with a new 15,000 square foot plant in Greenville, Rhode Island.

Installation at the new facility was completed at the end of June and immediately added three new jobs at the company. Product development and manufacturing are now in full operation at the Greenville plant.


Regent Controls was founded in 1947 by Wendall E. Carroll, an electrical engineer known for designing one of the first all-solid-state industrial machine timers.

Today, the company provides industrial machine control products and custom control solutions to a wide range of manufacturing and process industries worldwide.

Under Carlyle Johnson ownership, Regent Controls will operate as Regent, a Carlyle Johnson Company.


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