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Coalition working with food & bev manufacturers to reduce costs, elevate brands

January 8, 2019  

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With cost-share funding support from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, Provision Coalition is launching a new project to work with small- and medium-sized food and beverage manufacturers in Ontario to increase their revenue, reduce their costs and elevate their food brands.

Provision will engage BetheChange Group to provide marketing and awareness building support to help Provision connect with hard-to-reach food and beverage manufacturers in the province.

“Thanks to the funding from the Partnership, through this project, Provision will be able to help more food and beverage manufacturers across Ontario benefit from sustainable business practices,” says Cher Merewether, executive director, Provision Coalition. “Companies who work with Provision increase their revenue and reduce their operating costs while reducing environmental impacts and improving workplace culture and community engagement. These are critical in today’s market from a competitiveness, brand and public trust perspective.”

The project will target companies located outside southern Ontario and not connected with the traditional sector associations. In particular, it will be seeking to offer additional support to organizations without staff and resources specifically devoted to addressing sustainability.


Provision and BetheChange are both dedicated to helping Ontario businesses make more money by aligning profitability with purpose. This project will assist target businesses in keeping pace with global challenges facing the food industry such as preventing food loss plus waste, product circularity, responsible sourcing within their supply chain and climate change mitigation.

In addition to the increase in sector engagement, the project funding, of up to $85,771, will help Provision to identify gaps in its programming to better support the food and beverage industry.

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