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Craft brewers’ conference embraces “sustainable culture”

October 19, 2018  

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This year’s focus on crafting a sustainable culture will lead the discussion at the Ontario Craft Brewers Conference & Suppliers Marketplace 2018, at the Beanfield Centre (formerly Allstream Centre) in Toronto, Ont., Nov. 7-8.

Among some of the presentations at the conference include Stephanie Stevenson, the application support supervisor of Endress+Hauser Group, leading a technical discussion on the benefits of using instrumentation to improve quality and consistency in the brewing process.

Some of the talking points will include:
  • Sanitary concepts that improve cleanability and reduce the risk of contaminated batches;
  • Integrated measurements in modern instruments that improve quality and consistency; and
  • New instrumentation technology to improve quality assurance.

Then there is a panel discussion on wastewater, which includes Erin Brophy of Econse Water Purification Systems, Matthew Marion of H2Flow Equipment Inc., and Roberto Menegotto, president and CEO of MANTECH.

Some of the subjects will include:

H2Flow Overview of wastewater treatment from the brewery including: collection points within the brewery, pH control of the effluent before discharge from the brewery, and complete treatment to meet specific discharge requirements.

MANTECH Fast, Safe and Green Monitoring of COD & BOD to prevent upsets and control operations.

ECONSE A brief overview from a former brewer:

  • Side streaming & Managing waste;
  • Municipal VS Rural Systems; and
  • Choosing the right wastewater system for your brewery.

In the construction and operation of every brewhouse wastewater treatment is an important economic and environmental consideration.

In urban areas municipal infrastructure provides wastewater treatment functions, although pre-treatment at the brewery site is often required so as to not overwhelm municipal capacities.

In rural areas there is rarely access to municipal services, so decentralized wastewater treatment options are critical. The presentation will review some simple operational and procedural changes which can improve both urban and rural effluent quality and reduce water use; and will review some pre-treatment and decentralized wastewater treatment options available to Ontario brewers.

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