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eMotors Direct launches new website

April 30, 2018  

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An online source for electric motors, gear reducers, and controls in Canada has announced the launch of its new website.

“The electric motor industry has been getting by on archaic inefficient methods,” said Wei Tsen, CTO of eMotors Direct. “Our goal is to help our industry take a quantum leap forward into the modern era. I believe what we are doing will revolutionize the way Canadians do business with electric motors.”

The new website – eMotorsdirect.ca – streamlines the research and acquisition of electric motors and parts so that businesses can find what they are looking for and get back to work faster.

The website has an intuitive interface allowing customers to pinpoint the exact model of motor and part they require immediately whether they’re searching by a part number or the specs of the motor. It uses smart recommendations to pair similar products from different brands and cross-reference parts and accessories to provide a quick glance of comparisons and components all in one location.

The new website also offers a robust knowledge centre, offering support for all relevant topics relating to electric motors.