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ESKA to convert bottled water line to 100% recycled by April 2020

December 11, 2019  

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ESKA Natural Spring Water has announced it will convert its entire line of non-carbonated, bottled water products to 100 per cent recycled plastic bottles by April 1, 2020.

In partnership with Plastrec, a Quebec-based manufacturer of recycled plastic (rPET), this move underscores the company’s commitment in helping to support Canada’s circular economy.

“Our Natural Spring water is unique and our consumers love the fact it is pure and untreated. We are committed to improving our packaging by using a 100 per cent recycled plastic bottle,” said Michel McArthur, chief operating officer, ESKA Inc. “Recycling has evolved over the years from giving packaging material a second life to a circular economy where the material gets reused continuously.

“We are firm believers in a Quebec/Canadian circular economy so we can deliver our product with the smallest environmental footprint possible. We were looking for a local partner that can supply a very high quality, clear food grade rPET. Plastrec is the ideal partner for us.”

All of ESKA’s new rPET bottles are sourced from Quebec’s Blue Box and other municipal recycling system and are themselves 100 per cent recyclable.