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Free toolkit designed to encourage a career in the gear industry

December 3, 2018  

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The American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) Foundation has created a new “Get Into Gears” Employee Recruitment Toolkit that is officially available for download today.

This free kit was created for anyone who is looking to promote the gear industry as a viable career path in order to recruit new employees. Companies or individuals interested, can download the kit off the AGMA Foundation’s website.

The Get Into Gears toolkit is designed to recruit operator level employees by highlighting the opportunities available in the gear industry. Materials in the kit are designed for use at job fairs, plant tours, visits to educational institutions and much more.

The toolkit includes the following pieces:

  • a PowerPoint presentation,
  • social media graphics,
  • a short video from YouTube,
  • a brochure,
  • a poster,
  • postcards,
  • and advertisement templates.

The print materials have been designed so companies can customize with their name, logo and contact information. Companies can also add their own slides to the PowerPoint presentation. The social media graphics can be used in email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. The video, which is available on our website, showcases the high-tech work performed on the factory floor.

The toolkit was created by the AGMA Foundation to address the growing concerns over the lack of skilled employees in the gear manufacturing industry. In a 2017 industry wide survey, gear companies identified, ‘Finding Qualified Hourly Plant Staff,’ as their number one business concern.

“Gear companies, like many others in manufacturing industries, have an aging workforce,” said Scott Moss of Comer Industries and AGMA Foundation board chairman. “Companies can use the Get Into Gears Toolkit material to spread the word that the gear industry offers young people a lucrative and fulfilling career.”

A webinar to explain the different components of the toolkit and how to use them will be on Jan. 15 at 1 p.m. ET. This hour-long webinar will answer any questions that companies might have regarding the kit and the campaign.

The AGMA Foundation, founded by AGMA members in 1994, recruits, educates, and keeps the power transmission workforce current with emerging technology. The Foundation is funded by the generous contributions of AGMA members.

You can download the kit at: 


Webinar link: https://www.agma.org/education/online/webinars/get-into-gears-employee-recruitment-toolkit-an-overview/