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How is your hot dog etiquette?

July 17, 2019  

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In celebration of National Hot Dog Day, Maple Leaf Foods today released new Canadian Hot Dog Etiquette aimed at helping Canadians enjoy this sacred food on National Hot Dog Day, and throughout July’s National Hot Dog Month.

Notably, the new Maple Leaf-authored etiquette rejects the common rule popularized in Chicago that ketchup is a no-no on hot dogs, pointing out that for Canadians, “reaching for ketchup is as natural a reflex as gripping a hockey stick.”

The etiquette also sanctions gravy and cheese curds on hot dogs, encourages hand-held eating and underscores the appropriateness of eating hot dogs with mittens and gloves in Canada. In particular, goalies should never remove gloves while eating hot dogs during a game, cautioning that “it’s too risky to the knuckles.”

In addition, a hot dog should never be called a sandwich. According to the etiquette, “hot dogs are sacred in Canada and the name stands with or without the presence of bread. But a sandwich without the bread is just – well, ingredients.”


For more on the complete etiquette and some fun facts, click here.

“With over 950 million hot dogs sold at retail last year in Canada*, it’s clear hot dogs are the consummate summer food and Maple Leaf Natural Top Dogs in particular are the ultimate in taste, convenience and guilt-free eating,” said Janet Riley, Maple Leaf Foods, vice president of communications, also known as the Queen of Wien. “We felt traditional hot dog etiquette needed an overhaul to honour and acknowledge Canadian culture, and we hope our new ‘rules’ will inspire Canadians everywhere to celebrate with our Natural Top Dogs this July. Or August. Or any day of the year.”

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