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Intertape acquires Nortech Packaging for $36.5M

February 10, 2020  

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Intertape Polymer Group Inc. (IPG) has acquired Nortech Packaging for $36.5 million US.

“Packaging automation and system design are playing an increasingly important role in our customer’s competitive positioning, especially in the e-commerce market. We believe this acquisition will provide us with the opportunity to move upstream in our target customer’s production process with an expanded product bundle and a continuous supply of consumables,” said Greg Yull, president and CEO of IPG.

Nortech manufactures, assembles and services automated packaging machines under the Nortech Packaging and Tishma Technologies brands. Its custom-infeed and robotic solutions for packaging applications are designed for cartoning, case-packing, case-erecting, pouch-packaging and palletizing.

A privately-held company based in the greater Chicago, Ill.-area, Nortech services customers worldwide across major industries including food, pharmaceutical, e-commerce, confections, personal care and cosmetics, and beverage.


The acquisition will expand IPG’s product bundle into technologies that are increasingly critical to automation in packaging. Automation system design and service are key capabilities in growing markets like e-commerce.

“We have laid out a clear strategy to further strengthen our product bundle and continue to grow with our e-commerce customers as they expand around the globe,” said Yull. “This acquisition delivers on both fronts. We remain committed to paying down debt moving forward as our cash flows improve with contributions from our recent capex investments and our earlier acquisitions. At the same time, we will continue to be disciplined in our approach to acquisitions that strengthen our product bundle or offer strategic benefit to IPG meeting our customer’s needs.”

With an installed fleet of more than 400 machines, the acquisition provides IPG with opportunities to supply consumables to the existing fleet, as well as deploy system-selling for new customers combining machines with ongoing consumables. The acquisition will add engineering automation and integrated robotic design talent to IPG’s existing engineering and design teams.

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