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It is possible to reduce your carbon footprint and increase revenue

April 10, 2018  

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With carbon gas being the largest contributing factor to climate change, CO2 Solutions, and their partners in the Valorisation Carbone Québec (VCQ) project, Laval University and the Quebec government’s Fonds vert, are inviting Quebecers to discover the “new carbon economy.”

The technology developed by CO2 Solutions allows businesses to capture the carbon gas they emit and then reuse or sell it to interested Quebec and Canadian companies. The solution offers businesses a way to reduce their GHG emissions, reaching emissions targets without losing their competitiveness and even generate additional revenue.    

 “As part of the VCQ project, CO2 Solutions is currently finalizing several industrial-scale projects for CO2 repurposing,” says Dr. Louis Fradette, Director of the Valorisation Carbone Québec project. “The technology created will capture CO2, but, even more importantly, it will also allow us to constructively convert carbon gas into value-added products for use in greenhouses, fuels, building materials and chemical commodities, for example.”    

CO2 Solutions and their Valorisation Carbone Québec partners are integrating the results of demonstration projects, which will allow them to encourage business leaders to rethink how they manage their GHG emissions. CO2 Solutions opens the door for businesses to participate in this new economy thanks to a revolutionary and 100% green capture process, based on a system of carbon gas capture, conversion and reuse to generate new revenue.

“In addition to creating jobs and enriching society, we can now reduce our impact on the environment in a concrete way through CO2 capture and reuse,” says Evan Price, President of CO2 Solutions Inc. “We have proof that the chain in fact works based on the carbon repurposing projects that have been set up at Chimie Parachem in Montreal East.”

Quebec is falling behind in its GHG emissions reduction target of 37.5 per cent by 2030. An awareness campaign, created by Jazz Marketing Communications for CO2 Solutions and its partners, is currently running throughout Quebec to sensitize business leaders and invite them to take a stand and join this new carbon economy. The video can be viewed here.

This revolutionary method to capture CO2 uses an enabling enzyme just like the human lung. By imitating nature, CO2 Solutions has streamlined the capturing process. The CO2 produced is +99.95 per cent pure and zero toxic waste is generated.

An initial commercial capture unit using CO2 Solutions’ enzyme technology is being built at Produits Forestiers Résolu in Saint-Félicien, Que. The COcaptured at the paper plant will be reused year round by nearby Serres Toundra greenhouses in order to shorten the growing time of cucumbers. This initiative represents a tangible example of how the application of carbon capture technology can support the local economy in a very real way.

Additionally, thanks to the Chimie Parachem pilot project in Montreal East, the demonstration unit captures up to 10 tons of CO2 per day, a validation of its commercial viability. Demonstration unit to reuse COin the production of methanol and other chemical industry products, building materials, animal food protein and several other applications are also under way.

(COSolutions Inc.)