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Locked-out workers message Alcoa board following $41M loss

October 23, 2018  

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Aluminum giant Alcoa’s board of directors is being flooded with messages from locked-out workers and supporters concerned about the nine-month labour dispute at the ABI smelter in Bécancour, Que.

An email campaign by the United Steelworkers (USW) that targeted Alcoa’s shareholders over the last week shifted today to its board of directors, on the heels of the company’s third-quarter results which showed a $41-million loss.

“This kind of loss would never have occurred if the Bécancour aluminum smelter had been operating at full capacity,” said Clément Masse, President of USW Local 9700, representing the 1,030 ABI employees who have been locked out of their jobs since Jan. 11. “This lockout is a bad business decision and the company’s senior management is saddled with the consequences of having allowed it to continue this long. It’s time for board members and shareholders to take action.”

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