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New Canadian OMEGA website first in global relaunch

November 30, 2018  

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OMEGA Engineering is inviting customers to explore its new Canadian website, the first of a series of relaunches of its global websites.

Designed to offer B2B customers a consumer-oriented experience, the site has been completely overhauled, states Joe Vorih, CEO of OMEGA.

“We tried to create everything with the idea of ease of use,” says Vorih. “Even very complicated processes like paying with credit or Net 30, we’ve tried to make simple and limit friction for our customers.”

He adds that customers will discover not only cutting-edge functionality, but improvements that make it easier and more seamless to order products, search for content, or manage their account.

“With this new site we are able to serve our customers in the way they want to be served,” says Greg Wright, CMO for OMEGA. “Whether a customer uses the phone, mobile, or our website, they’ll find new systems on our side that make it easy for them to interact with us and get their problems solved with minimal effort.”

In addition to creating a site inventory of over 150,000 skews that can be searched by product type, category, dimension, size, and other attributes, part of the new website launch also includes revamping other digital properties, such as a integrating a new CRM, a new order-tracking system, and more secure and organized data management. Improvements in order placement have also been added to the site, such as improved processes for customer updates on order status and shipping.

The newly designed Canadian website has taken several months from conception to completion and is the first revamped website to launch out of OMEGA’s global sites. It was selected as the first site to launch out of OMEGA’s global properties due to its complexity as a dual-language site with its own currency, giving OMEGA an opportunity to perfect the site for future global releases.

“This just the beginning,” says Vorih. “We expect through data and customer feedback to continually improve and evolve the website, so we can make it a better experience as we serve customers in Canada and globally.”


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