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New starter kits promise to be running and ready in 10 minutes

July 24, 2018  

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At the company’s annual Canadian media day in Toronto, HARTING Canada shared the numbers of its double digit growth from the past year – its anticipation to match that again for 2018 – and provided a sneak peek of its new MICA starter kits.

“Our Canadian sales strategy focuses on market diversification and developing brand awareness, while maintaining our leadership in transportation, machinery and broadcast and entertainment,”  said Carl Maalouf, Director of Sales for HARTING Canada.

The HARTING team for Canada attributed the company’s double digit revenue growth to a strong coast-to-coast sales network, and the recent addition of Peter Hanna as territory sales manager for Ontario.

But the real story was the new MICA starter kits, set to be released by mid-August.

“We have never launched so many new, ground-breaking HARTING products into the North American marketplace as we are today,” said Ashley Smith-Heine, Vice President of Sales, HARTING Americas. “Our solutions for both industrial and board-level connectivity are designed to facilitate the adoption of both conventional or advanced production concepts in factory and process automation.”

The MICA starter kits ­have hardware and preloaded software ready to go, making it extremely fast and simple to implement basic IIoT processes like machine and system condition monitoring, RFID tracking and shop floor level Ethernet network management using the Hermes award-winning MICA edge gateway device.

“HARTING means innovation – that’s been our story for almost three quarters of a century and it’s a big part of our success in Canada specifically and throughout the Americas,” said Smith-Heine. 

According to Smith-Heine, each kit is designed to get the user up and running and into IIoT in less than 10 minutes.