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NGM Canada the future for manufacturing production tech: Festo

February 23, 2018  

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Festo’s decision to be a founding technology partner in Next Generation Manufacturing/NGM Canada – the new advanced manufacturing supercluster – is in keeping with the company’s vision of being an innovation developer and catalyst locally as well as globally.

“The more than 130 Canadian companies and institutions partnering in NGM Canada will help spread new production technologies sooner and faster across Canadian industry than would otherwise be the case,” says Roger Hallett, President and Chief Executive Officer of Festo Canada. “Growing the domestic and export markets for Canadian-made products will create and sustain the manufacturing jobs of tomorrow.”

This industry-led supercluster supported by the federal government, NGM Canada, was officially launched this week.

“It’s also part of our corporate vision to invest locally in each of our markets to develop and apply technologies and solutions,” says Hallett, “even beyond our customer base.”

Festo’s commitment to implementing advanced manufacturing concepts and technologies in the local business eco-system also is underscored by the commitment of Festo Didactic, its global skills development and industrial training division, to partner with Canadian technical and training institutes.

Recently, Festo Didactic announced a five-year workforce development training program with Humber College in Toronto. Students and employees of advanced manufacturing companies will receive hands-on training to learn the Industry 4.0 skills necessary to succeed in an evolving economy.

The partnership includes the installation of the first Cyber Physical (CP) Factory in English Canada.

The CP Factory is a hands-on learning and skills development model for research and engaging in industrial simulations using advanced manufacturing concepts. A CP Factory was installed last year in Montreal as part of a similar partnership with the Centre de Recherche Industrielle du Québec (CRIQ).

The German family-owned Festo is involved in automation technology and in industrial training and education, and prides itself in pneumatic and electric drive technology innovation in industrial and process automation.

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