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Palliser expanding Canadian operations, creating 300 new jobs

April 4, 2022   Don Horne

Work is well underway at Palliser’s operations in both Winnipeg, Man. and Matamoros, Mexico, to increase total North American production capacity by 30 per cent in 2022.

In its Canadian operation a 130,000 square foot building is being added to Palliser’s upholstery manufacturing campus, with completion scheduled for the end of Q2 2022.

The new facility will increase create over 300 new jobs in Winnipeg and will allow Palliser to serve some of the increased demand it has been experiencing in Canada due to the success of its new product launches in the Canadian market and the tariffs that have been imposed on imports from Vietnam and China.

“This investment is our commitment to growth in the North American market,” says Peter Tielmann, Palliser president and CEO. “We’re eager to create new jobs right here in Manitoba, where our business is anchored, as well as in our Mexico facilities that primarily support our U.S. customers. It’s important for us as a company to continue to produce domestically, which reduces our environmental impact by lowering our emissions and carbon footprint.”


In Matamoros, Mexico, numerous expansion projects are under way including the conversion of a former warehouse, adding space for another 300 new employees.

To keep up with increased demand and to serve its customers better, Palliser’s two other Mexico-based manufacturing facilities have increased capacity by adding additional shifts, creating 160 new manufacturing jobs.

Recruitment and training are on track to add over 700 new positions to Palliser’s workforce. The expansion includes a significant investment in equipment, material handling processes and automation technology.

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