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Pond Technologies names new strategic advisor

September 7, 2018   Don Horne

Pond Technologies Holdings Inc. has announced that Grant Smith, President of RFI Canada Ltd., has joined Pond Technologies as a Strategic Advisor for Pond’s nutraceutical, sustainable protein and ingredient vertical. Mr. Smith will be advising Pond on the recently proposed Regenurex acquisition and integration.

Smith is a 25-year veteran of the North American nutraceutical industry.

“This is a great opportunity for both Pond and Regenurex in that their upstream and downstream technologies are complementary,” said Smith. “Pond’s proprietary growth platform should bring efficiency and scale to Regenurex operations and Regenurex’s unique all-natural extraction technology is expected to provide a competitive edge for the combined entity in this expanding market.”

As president of RFI Canada, Smith has served as a valued ingredient and formulation advisor to some of North America’s leading nutraceutical, food and beverage companies.


“Astaxanthin is used extensively in aquaculture to reduce the incidence of disease and it also happens to be the key ingredient that turns Salmon pink. Over the last 10 years, Astaxanthin has seen substantial growth as a health food supplement,” said Smith. “It has been called the world’s most powerful anti-oxidant and been positively linked in various studies to the improvement of muscle recovery, joint, eye, brain, heart and skin health.

Located in Markham Ont., Pond is a company that provides profitable solutions to the global health and wellness challenges of pollution abatement and nutrition. The company’s proprietary growth platform optimizes key growth inputs in order to provide a controlled environment that maximizes the growth of algae and other organisms, enabling industrial emitters to generate new revenue streams from the transformation of waste CO2 to valuable algae-based products used as proteins for animal feed and nutraceutical products like Chlorella, Spirulina and Astaxanthin for human consumption.

“I am excited to help Pond and Regenurex capture market share in this billion-dollar ingredient which is projected to continue growing at more than 20 per cent annually over the next several years,” said Smith.

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