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PPI announces new manufacturing line

March 27, 2019   Don Horne

Packaging Products Inc. (PPI) has announced the official start of a new manufacturing line to produce laminated paper edge protection products.

“The benefit of working directly with clients is that, over time, you get to learn a lot about their needs.” says PPI president, Jack Taylor. “Buyers were asking for a better quality product, shorter lead times and customized solutions. We knew we could deliver, but we had to take control of the entire production process to make that happen. Ultimately, it was our commitment to customer service that really drove the move to become a manufacturer.”

A significant expansion of existing operation and warehouse space was required to accommodate the new line.

Known by various names including corner boards, corner posts and edge boards, paper edge protection is routinely used to protect & unitize goods for transport and storage. Applications include fitting inside corrugated boxes to increase container strength and placement on the edges of palletized loads to provide protection and add up-stacking strength. End-users come from virtually all segments of industry including furniture makers, window & door manufacturers, logistics companies, bakeries and more.



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