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Premier Tech on every continent after Kockums' acquisition

March 26, 2018  

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Premier Tech’s worldwide presence now extends to a new continent: Oceania.

The Industrial Equipment Group (IEG) has acquired Australia-based Kockums Bulk Systems and can now provide even more local support to its clients across all continents.

“The success of our business offerings is based on two pillars: our command of technology, which drives our capacity for innovation, and our deep understanding of client and market needs,” said Jean Bélanger, Premier Tech’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “Our first acquisition in Oceania will not only increase our global footprint, but also enable us to move closer to our Australia and New Zealand clients and to provide enhanced services and after-sales support in those markets.”

Kockums Bulk Systems is a 68-year-old company that specializes in packaging equipment and bulk powder handling. According to the press release, Premier Tech will now build on the experience and know-how of Kockums’ 40-person team to expand IEG’s service offering and worldwide presence.


Premier Tech has been growing its global reach for almost a century, and now has 4,200 team members in 25 countries. The company focuses its efforts in three core industries: Horticulture and Agriculture, Industrial Equipment, and Environmental Technologies.

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