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IPP&T and PROCESSWest Magazines’ PROCESS
E-News continues to reach process industry
decision-makers… Twelve times per year, PROCESS E-News is e-mailed to approximately 25,000 recipients in processing industries across Canada, offering product news, tips and technical data. NOW INCLUDES VIDEOS!

Rate: Processing and distribution costs are as follows: Top spot is $675, and spots two and below are $575, on a first served basis.



January January 22
February February 19
March March 21
April April 18
May May 20
June June 20
July July 22
August August 22
September September 19
October October 21
November Nov 21
December December 12

You supply us with text and a picture.

We’ll build your ad in the newsletter and link to a document, video or web site.

For more information, or to reserve a spot in the next PROCESS E-News, please contact:

Stephen Kranabetter


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