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VEGA Americas Inc.

February 28, 2015  

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VEGA Americas Inc. is a globally active manufacturer of process measurement technology. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, VEGA Americas’ product portfolio includes sophisticated sensors for measuring level, density, and pressure in industrial processes. Its parent company, VEGA Grieshaber KG, is located in the Black Forest of Germany.

VEGA is a world leader in radar level measurement. The company pioneered the two-wire radar, and in 2016 introduced the VEGAPULS 64—the first-ever liquid level radar sensor that operates with an 80 GHz transmission frequency. The high transmission frequency allowed radar transmitters to go where they’d never gone, as they were now a reliable solution in compact vessels and tanks. VEGA radar level sensors are used in many different applications including chemical plants, oil & gas facilities, refineries, mineral mines, and municipal wastewater treatment plants.

VEGA is also synonymous with radiation-based measurement. The original developer of the nuclear level gauge, VEGA now offers radiation-based instruments for density, interface, and switching measurements. Additionally, it delivers first-class Radiation Safety Officer training from the state-of-the-art VEGA Learning Center Lab.

VEGA also provides cutting-edge solutions for hydrostatic pressure and differential pressure, including electronic differential pressure (EDP) measurement that uses neither capillaries nor impulse lines. The company also distributes and services all of its products.

To learn more, please visit:

E-mail: americas@vega.com


Web site: www.vega.com


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