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E2EW series proximity sensors feature IO-Link

March 25, 2020

Manufacturers in the automotive industry are striving to make the most of the current trend towards electric vehicles and low fuel consumption by building lighter-weight vehicles and favouring aluminum over iron. As the prevalence of mixed production lines containing both


DIT-5200L non-contact differential measuring system

March 24, 2020

The Measuring Division of Kaman Precision Products, Inc. highlights the DIT-5200L non-contact displacement measuring system, ideal for fast-steering mirrors, servo control position feedback, stage positioning, and angular displacement indication, as well as X-Y orbit position feedback and stylus position. Offering


DSM and JuggerBot 3D advance fused granulate fabrication

March 19, 2020

Royal DSM is expanding its additive manufacturing innovations in fused granulate fabrication (FGF). The company is partnering with Juggerbot 3D, an additive manufacturing machine builder who recently developed a printer equipped with extrusion technology, to explore the untapped potential of


Patented no-drip air atomizing nozzles conserve precious liquids

March 11, 2020

EXAIR’s new 1/8 NPT No Drip Internal Mix Air Atomizing Spray Nozzles mix liquid and air inside the nozzle and produce the finest atomization of liquids. The new, patented No Drip Internal Mix Atomizing Spray Nozzles work in the same


TILTIX inclinometers receive UL listing

March 9, 2020

POSITAL has announced that its innovative Dynamic TILTIX tilt sensors (inclinometers) are now UL listed, a critical step in providing customers with assurance about the safety and reliability of these products. A UL listed product has been tested by Underwriters


Next generation of compact, high-def thermal science cameras

March 6, 2020

FLIR Systems, Inc. announced the FLIR A8580 series of thermal science cameras: a 1.3 megapixel, entry-level cooled camera designed for a wide range of industrial, military, science, and product research and development (R&D) applications. This camera records blur-free images of


Oil Dipstick Thermocouple temperature probe

March 3, 2020

Harold G. Schaevitz Industries LLC (HGSI) announces the new Oil Dipstick Thermocouple temperature probe. Made in the U.S., this Oil Dipstick Thermocouple is intended for use in research and development applications to measure engine fluid temperatures. This flexible probe slides


NK Technologies 2020 product catalogue now available

March 3, 2020

NK Technologies released its new 2020 product catalogue, featuring performance data, sizes, specifications, and technical references for the company’s extensive portfolio of current sensing switches, transducers, transformers, and ground fault protection products. The new catalogue includes recently-introduced products such as:


emSys Thread Inspect

February 19, 2020

With the new emSys Thread Inspect, any screw thread can now be inspected for presence, correctness, errors and contaminations. Additionally, the screw thread inspection with EyeVision for external threads can also inspect the size accuracy of metric threads and threads


LPPS-22 Series line of linear potentiometers added

February 18, 2020

Harold G. Schaevitz Industries LLC (HGSI) has expanded its sensor product offering by adding resistive technology to its portfolio of linear position products. The LPPS-22 series of linear potentiometers offer a cost effective solution to sensing requirements in the factory