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Expanded HMI viewing window options

December 13, 2019

Hammond Manufacturing introduces 2 larger sizes of HMI viewing windows. Now available in six sizes from 8×8” to 20×16”, these hinged polycarbonate windows provide Type 4X protection to HMI devices mounted on an enclosure door. Several closure options are offered


Explosion-proof panelboard, 480Y/277 3PH

December 12, 2019

Larson Electronics has announced the release of an explosion proof panelboard for circuit management and protection in indoor and outdoor hazardous locations. This unit is rated at 400 amps and is compatible with 480Y/277 three-phase. This panelboard comes with six


New cable harnesses for the mining industry

November 21, 2019

NAI has announced a new design and manufacturing project for large mining operations in China. NAI manufacturing operations in Suzhou, China, recently began the development and manufacture of very complex cable harnesses for installation within large explosion-proof enclosures. These cabinets


Schneider Electric introduces Galaxy VS 3-phase UPS

November 5, 2019

Schneider Electric today introduced the first version of Galaxy VS 3-phase Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with internal smart battery modules. Galaxy VS is a highly efficient, modular, easy-to-deploy three-phase UPS designed to meet the critical power requirements of IT, commercial, and industrial


ALUMA-CLING BLUE cleans bright aluminum with no manual brushing

November 5, 2019

Madison Chemical introduces ALUMA-CLING BLUE, a moderately acidic, thickened-gel formulation for cleaning aluminum alloys, especially bright, decorative aluminum with no brushing. This phosphate-free product has excellent detergency and rinsing properties and is ideal for 5000 and 6000 series aluminum alloys


LED panel lamps for enclosures

October 31, 2019

ITC offers convenient, energy efficient lighting fixtures (lamps) for mounting inside electrical and control panels, enclosures, etc. These innovative fixtures are lightweight, compact, energy efficient, and can be rapidly installed inside most panels either with clips (supplied) or by the


Fire-resistant products for high-voltage automotive components

October 17, 2019

  Solvay Performance Polyamides introduces Technyl Orange, a brand-new range of fire-resistant products for high-voltage automotive components and cabling in electric vehicles. The new palette of orange pigmented Technyl grades offers reliable colour retention, laser-marking, flame-retardancy (FR), high heat and


Enclosures for robotics and lab automation

September 17, 2019

Enclosures are designed to enclose robots and other lab automated processes by providing exhaust air systems or HEPA filtered clean workstations. Robots are beneficial in many applications, and are proven to increase efficiency and productivity. Robots integrated into existing facilities


EnviroMax Laminar Flow clean work station

September 5, 2019

EnviroMax Laminar Flow Enclosures are engineered and built to meet critical clean requirements within the laboratory. Typical applications include liquid handling stations, compounding, high throughput screening, sample weighing, powder handling, HPLC equipment and other related systems. The enclosure isolates the


CLEAN-GARD 83 ideal for ultrasonic cleaning

August 28, 2019

Madison Chemical introduces CLEAN-GARD 83, a cutting-edge, alkaline detergent specifically designed for removing aged, oxidized, burned-on oil, removing grease, and for other difficult cleaning operations. Intended for immersion application, including ultrasonic and agi-lift, as well as recirculation spray washers up