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Bulk bag unloading system

December 10, 2019

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. is pleased to announce the sale, engineering and production of its NEW line of bulk bag unloading systems. These bulk bag unloading systems can be highly customized. Sterling Systems uniquely custom engineers and manufactures all


Acrison Model 403B(D) Series batch/dump weighing systems

December 3, 2019

Acrison, Inc. offers their Model 403B(D) for both dry solids (hopper) and liquid (tank) batch weighing requirements. Specifically designed for batch weighing on a Gain-in-Weight basis, the Model 403B(D) Series uses an “Overhead” type weighing system that utilizes technologically advanced


First polyurethane, two-component, spray-applied waterproofing membrane

November 28, 2019

Elastochem Specialty Chemicals Inc., a Canadian manufacturer of spray polyurethane materials, has announced the certification of Hygrothane, Canada’s first spray-applied, two-component, polyurethane-based waterproofing membrane. Hygrothane is a complete, polyurea-based membrane system that is applied at high pressure. When cured, it


KeyPlast RESIST for colouring polyamides and high-heat engineering plastics

November 21, 2019

Milliken & Company has announced the launch of KeyPlast RESIST, a spectrum of bright, high-performance colourants for engineering plastics. Polyamide resins and high-heat engineering polymers present unique challenges in the world of plastics. The materials of choice in demanding electrical,


Micro and Tote Batching System

November 19, 2019

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. has announced the availability of customized ingredient batching systems with both liquid and dry materials.  Each automatic Micro and Tote Batching System is custom designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs and requirements of


Bulk bag discharger with safety cage

November 18, 2019

A new BULK-OUT Model BFF Bulk Bag Discharger features a steel safety cage to prevent contact with moving parts during operation and automated unloading of bulk bags. The enclosure features externally-mounted controls and full height doors with an Intrinsically Safe


Regulated vibration reliably discharges bulk bags

November 5, 2019

Acrison, Inc. has announced the availability of their new Model 821 Bulk Bag Unloader. The new Model 821 Unloader provides a safe, dust-tight and highly effective means for discharging a wide assortment of dry solid materials from within various size


High capacity dumper for mobile bins

October 31, 2019

A new open-chute High-Lift Bin Dumper from Flexicon hydraulically raises and dumps mobile bins into a hopper that feeds an integral flexible screw conveyor operating under loss-of-weight control. Bins weighing up to 3000 lbs (1,350 kg) are rolled into a


American-Newlong A1-PB EL bag closing system

October 28, 2019

American-Newlong continues to offer the latest in filled bag closing technology with the introduction of the new A1-PB EL height adjustable bag closing system. This unit still uses our world renowned DS-9C high speed, oil enclosed, sewing head. With its


No-drip internal mix atomizing nozzles conserve liquid

October 15, 2019

EXAIR’s new 1/2 NPT No Drip Internal Mix Atomizing Spray Nozzles work in the same way our standard atomizing nozzles do, but have the added benefit of positively stopping liquid flow when compressed air is shut off. Internal Mix Atomizing