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Flexible graphite eliminates cost, complexity and reliability issues

August 4, 2020

NeoGraf Solutions, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance natural and synthetic graphite sheets and powders, has launched NeoNxGen Thermal Management Solutions, a family of high-performance, thick, single layer flexible graphite solutions, which eliminate the cost, complexity, and reliability concerns of


Body temperature scanner unobtrusive, safeguards the workplace

July 30, 2020

With a recent study showing that employees are concerned about COVID-19 exposure at work, a leading tech company has launched an innovative smart tool to safeguard workplaces by automatically and discreetly scanning the body temperature of staff and visitors at


Modified thermal cameras specified for elevated skin temperature screening

July 8, 2020

FLIR Systems, Inc. announced modified thermal cameras for fast and safe non-contact elevated skin temperature* screening. The FLIR EST thermal screening solutions provide frontline screening at building entries and in high traffic areas to improve safety and help curb the


Aliphatic resin for use with less polar elastomers and polymers

June 30, 2020

Developing formulations for low polarity systems can be a challenge. The newest product offering from TOTAL Cray Valley — Wingtack 102 — is an aliphatic resin with a high softening point and lower molecular weight distribution than typical 100˚C hydrocarbon


Calibrating sensors to ensure consistent regulation of oven temperature

June 29, 2020

In commercial bakeries, constant regulation of oven temperature can be as key to producing high-quality baked goods as the recipes used. Just a few degrees can affect the characteristics of the final product. Taste, texture, colour, aroma, density – even


Custom flexible shafts for food industry applications

June 3, 2020

S.S. White Technologies highlights their bespoke flexible shaft solutions for food industry applications. Flexible shafts transmit rotary motion much like a solid shaft, but can be curved over, under, and around areas in ways a solid shaft cannot. Flexible shafts


New blackbody radiation source sensor, BBS500-57

May 26, 2020

Process Sensors is pleased to introduce the addition of a new blackbody radiation source to its industry leading blackbody source family, the BBS500-57. Compact and portable, the BBS500-57 is ideal for use in the verification and calibration of non-contact infrared


Micropilot FWR30 radar level sensor

April 21, 2020

Endress+Hauser launches the Micropilot FWR30, its first cloud-connected radar, to provide full transparency in the storage and transport of liquids. As the world’s first 80 GHz wireless IIoT sensor, it combines high-end technology and user-friendly digital services in one cost-effective


Miniature couplers

April 20, 2020

Harold G. Schaevitz Industries LLC (HGSI) has expanded its sensor products by offering a new line of surface mounted, threaded stud miniature thermocouple for applications requiring a temperature sensor to be installed in confined spaces. Made in the USA, this


IR-based fever detection for virus infections

April 15, 2020

The current situation requires more and more innovative measures. To prepare public spaces and buildings for the convergence of people now and in the future, EVT offers thermal imaging cameras and corresponding EyeVision software to detect fever in people in