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SignalFire introduces HART-to-Wireless adapter

July 22, 2019

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry introduces the Link Scout that wirelessly adapts to loop-powered 4-20mA HART instruments for HART connectivity with asset management software like PACTWARE and FieldCare. By tunnelling HART traffic over SignalFire’s proven 900MHz platform, the Link Scout allows maintenance


Tablets made to order for general purpose, hazardous zones

July 15, 2019

Endress+Hauser is offering two universal, device configuration tablet PCs that provide especially fast, efficient one-click mobile device configuration and plant asset management in hazardous environments. With these robust, touch-enabled Field Xpert tablet PCs ­­– model SMT77 for Cl. 1 Div.


Wireless gas sensors increase toxic gas safety

July 8, 2019

Emerson has introduced two new Rosemount 628 Universal Gas Sensors to measure carbon monoxide and oxygen depletion in addition to the existing capability to monitor hydrogen sulfide. These additions to the series provide a broader range of hazardous situations that


New Blue e outdoor cooling unit

June 3, 2019

Rittal North America introduces a new UL 3R/4 rated cooling unit for outdoor use, extending the Blue e line of air conditioners – filling a void in the marketplace for outdoor-compliant enclosure climate control. Built to moderate enclosure climate in outdoor


Wireless tilt and vibration transmitters for the OTC platform

May 30, 2019

OleumTech has announced the release of two new products for the OTC wireless sensor and I/O network: tilt and vibration transmitters. Both devices are designed to monitor equipment health, maximize uptime and prevent mechanical failures before they occur. The self-contained,


IO-Link Smart Configurator

May 22, 2019

Carlo Gavazzi has announced the launch the IO-Link Smart Configurator, a new device that provides a means to configure any IO-Link sensor with a wireless device that, in essence, replaces the need to program via a USB IO-Link Master connected


Universal temperature transmitter has high vibration resistance

May 15, 2019

INOR Process AB announces the INOR IPAQ C/R330 universal temperature transmitter, a modern, isolated, universal temperature transmitter developed for maximum flexibility, accuracy and reliability. Compatible with RTD and thermocouple sensors, Ω and mV inputs, the IPAQ C/R330’s robust design offers


Flowmeter now available with Foundation Fieldbus ITK 6.3

May 10, 2019

KROHNE, Inc. has announced the H250 M40 now with Foundation Fieldbus ITK 6.3. The functionality of the Foundation Fieldbus (FF) module for H250 M40 variable area flowmeter has been updated from Interoperability Test Kit 5.2 (ITK 5.2) to ITK 6.3. The


Monitor temperature transmitters through INOR Connect app

March 22, 2019

INOR Process AB has announced a new way to configure and monitor temperature transmitters without supply voltage and cables. Operators can connect to the transmitter with a smartphone or tablet using near-field communication (NFC) or Bluetooth and configure through the


Non-contact radar for complex liquid level measurement challenges

March 20, 2019

Measuring distances up to 98 feet, the BinMaster NCR-84 80 GHz radar is designed specifically for reliable measurement in demanding liquid conditions including excessive steam, vapour, condensation, or surface foam. The signal is focused in a very narrow beam angle,