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Beveling tool ideal for high purity, thin-wall tubes

February 19, 2019  

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An O.D. clamping portable beveling tool that is ideal for performing end preps on thin-wall tube where maintaining the integrity of the inside diameter is critical has been introduced by Esco Tool.

The C-HOG MILLHOG O.D. Clamping End Prep Tool evenly distributes holding power to securely mount on the outside of high purity thin-wall tube and perform chatter-free welding end preps. Maintaining the integrity of the inside of the tube, it can produce any angle of prep including j-preps without needing cutting fluids and is ideal for orbital welding.

Capable of prepping and flat-facing simultaneously, the C-HOG MILLHOG O.D. Clamping End Prep Tool is suited for tube and pipe from 0.50” I.D. to 3.0” O.D. and is offered with pneumatic, electric, and battery power.  Equipped with a ratchet feed, it provides over 1” of stroke for smooth operation.


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