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Company launches cutting-edge CheckIn2Work app

June 4, 2020  

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Axiom Medical, a longtime leader in occupational health services for employers, announced it has launched the cutting edge CheckIn2Work app, a first of its kind technology providing workplace point-of-entry protection and case management through an experienced staff of medical professionals.

The app delivers a quick and easy self-service health attestation for organizations needing to pre-screen team members for potentially infectious or contagious conditions before allowing access to the workplace.

The innovative CheckIn2Work features include:

• 24-7 mobile device-based self-service illness/exposure screening;

• Continuously updated screening criteria synthesized from multiple authorities by Axiom’s highly credentialed Chief Medical Officer, Scott Cherry, DO, MPH, FACOEM;

• Immediate access to our U.S.-based Clearance Center for exposure/illness alerts;

• Clearance Center team includes highly experienced medical professionals fully licensed in all U.S. states and territories;

• Real-time reporting;

• Data integration with client HRIS solutions; and

• Ongoing advice and training on best practices to reduce the spread of illness in the workplace.

The CheckIn2Work app is available on iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as web portal. It is also available in an agent-assisted version to accommodate employee populations with limited internet access. Text and IVR phone solutions are coming soon. There is a great deal of built-in flexibility, allowing for adaptions to fit all language needs, as well as to add questions that address both physical and mental health of employees returning to the workplace.

The CheckIn2Work app is customizable to fit any slate of questions an organization needs to ask – this is something that will live and adapt far beyond COVID-19, to ensure employers and organizations can always provide a safe and healthy work environment.

“Given the current challenges we have all experienced with COVID-19, we recognize the workplace will be forever changed,” said Axiom Medical President and CEO Mark Robinson. “Our CheckIn2Work app simply adds another layer to protecting the health of team members, customers, and vendors from the risk of infectious disease in the workplace.”

“We have already partnered with existing clients, as well as formed new relationships to help companies and organizations create a safe and healthy workplace for their employees, as well as any clients or customers who enter their offices and or facilities,” added Robinson.

In addition, when a client’s team member is flagged as experiencing symptoms or having an exposure to an infectious disease, Axiom Medical’s market-leading Rapid Response Contagious Respiratory Illness Assessment (CRIA) Clearance Center professionals are able to conduct secondary screening to eliminate false positives, and for confirmed cases, manage any subsequent absence from and safe return to work.


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