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Dillon ISO jaw nuts, keys are safer, more productive

July 24, 2019   Don Horne

As machine tool technology continues to advance, including greater horsepower, larger material cuts, and higher machine tool speeds, the stress and mechanical forces upon jaw nuts and t-nuts being used within these operating conditions has also increased.

Jaws nuts and keys made from case hardened 1018 CRS can fracture, crack, and break under high speed machine stress loads causing damaged workpieces and chucks, and endangering operators. Dillon Jaw Nuts and Keys, manufactured from 4140 heat treated steel, provide superior wear resistance, impact resistance, higher tensile strength, and extended jaw nut life.

Operator safety and chuck life are greatly improved by eliminating the use of low carbon jaws nuts and t-nut in the machining process.

Dillon Jaw Nuts, T-nuts, and Keys are available to fit all popular power chucks from 6” in diameter to 24” in diameter including Forkhardt, Gamet, Howa, Kitigawa, Matsumoto (MMK), Nikko, Pratt Burnerd, Rohm, Samchully, Schuck, SMW, SMW-Autoblok, and more. Standard sizes are stocked for immediate shipment.  They are ideal for workholding applications requiring durability and high strength such as high speed machining.

Dillon also offers a special T-Nut design and manufacturing service for custom workhlolding requirements.


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