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DRB – Paddlewheel flow meter

February 21, 2018  

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The KOBOLD DRB Series paddle-wheel flowmeter can measure the flow of liquids in pipes up to 3 inches in diameter with pressures up to 230 PSIG. It uses a PVDF paddle that’s designed to slightly protrude into the flow stream, enabling the flowmeter to measure fluids with some small solids content, as well as dirty liquids, with a much lower risk of failure. The paddle, supported on a sapphire bearing system, is durable, has an extended life span and provides excellent chemical resistance. The DRB Series flowmeter is available with stainless steel or brass threaded bodies. A Hall-effect sensor detects the passing of permanent magnets embedded in the paddle-wheel blades. The sensor’s output is then transformed to a linear pulse frequency output or 4-20 mA signal. Optional displays and controllers are available to provide analog outputs, local flow rate indication, and programmable setpoint switches.


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