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Electrical protection on J1 line shafted rotary encoders

May 9, 2018  

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Joral LLC has developed a new protection method, for total encapsulation, of the J1 Line’s electronic components.  Specially crafted to ensure total protection from extreme temperature fluctuation, intense machine vibration, and pressure wash down, the Joral J1 Line Shafted Rotary Encoders perform rotary motion feedback for industry, ranging from directional drilling rigs to timber harvesters. The new IP69k electrical protection and encapsulation process, released in the J1 Line Shafted Rotary Encoder, is designed to match the newly released ProxEncoder® Non-contact Rotary Encoder.  The Joral encoders in the J1 Line are available in J1939, Voltage, and Quadrature outputs, as well as many more.

Prototyped on a FDM 3D printer, the new encapsulation method creates a fully protected electronics package, which creates an environmental barrier between the J1 Line Encoder’s shaft and bearing package. The new IP69k encapsulation is available immediately as a standard production item.

Highlights of the J1 Line shafted encoder:

• Totally encapsulated electronics (IP69k);

• Shaft seal available for IP68 housing protection (IP67 standard);

• Absolute multi-turn capable;

• Rated MIL-STD 202 for shock and vibration;

• From the manufacturer of the PE18 ProxEncoder®;

• Available outputs: Quadrature, CAN J1939, PWM, Analog, and more; and

• Customizable connector options available.


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