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EnviroMax Laminar Flow clean work station

September 5, 2019  

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EnviroMax Laminar Flow Enclosures are engineered and built to meet critical clean requirements within the laboratory.

Typical applications include liquid handling stations, compounding, high throughput screening, sample weighing, powder handling, HPLC equipment and other related systems. The enclosure isolates the process while the HEPA filter system maintains a positive pressure and ISO 5 class 100 conditions by protecting the process from surrounding contamination.

Standard sizes range from 4’ to 8’ wide, 2’ to 4’ deep, and 3’ to 5’ high.  However, custom sized enclosures to contain and protect larger integrated instrument systems can be constructed to meet specific size and design specifications.

HEMCO Enclosures feature a powder coated steel framework with 99.99% efficient HEPA filter, fan and speed control, clear acrylic rear and side walls, hinged safety viewing shield or horizontal slide glass door panels, fluorescent lighting and switches.  Optional work surfaces and support tables or cabinets are available.


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