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Explosion-proof linecord features GFCI duplex outlet

May 11, 2018  

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Larson Electronics LLC has released an 18-inch SOOW linecord that features a GFCI duplex outlet equipped with a 20-amp rated explosion proof cord cap, that provides ground fault protection in hazardous locations. This rugged extension cord is constructed of 12-gauge 3-conductor wire and provides a safe and effective way to power devices in locations with hot permits.

The EXC-1.5-GFCI-20A-2023-125V from Larson Electronics is an 18-inch chemical and abrasion resistant 12/3 cord terminated with a male NEMA 5-20, 20-amp rated explosion proof cord cap, and includes an inline GFCI and female 5-20C connector. This setup allows operators to safely operate equipment in explosive environments with hot permits by providing ground fault protection.

This linecord allows non-explosion proof equipment to be used in explosive environments. The EXC-1.5-GFCI-20A-2023-125V replaces standard practices of converting non-explosion proof equipment to explosion proof plugs which often becomes too expensive to continue long-term. This GFCI protected linecord system expands the utilization of non-explosive equipment in hazardous areas, so operators can get more out of their equipment.

“With a GFCI protected linecord you no longer need multiple versions of the same equipment for non-hazardous and hazardous locations, which helps cut down on equipment costs,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC. “This system can be used anywhere- indoors, outdoors aerospace applications, mining, offshore, washdown areas, storage facilities, labs, marine vessels – you name it. It’s really an essential piece of equipment to invest in.”


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