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FELIXprinters gearing up for Formnext

October 7, 2019  

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FELIXprinters has successfully established itself as a leading supplier of industrial AM machines that are characterized by their accuracy, ease-of-use, reliability, and repeatability.

The company’s culture of innovation and advancement ensures that not only are its AM platforms providing exceptional builds, but they are doing so at a cost that is sensitive to customer demand, opening up the industrial use of AM as a production technology to a huge section of industry previously under-served.

Wilgo Feliksdal, co-owner at FELIXprinters says, “Formnext comes at an exciting time for FELIX as we get significant industry uptake of our recently introduced Pro L & XL larger build area 3D printers. An independent review of our XL platform recently concluded that this was the only industrial large build area AM platform that matched Ultimaker in terms of build quality within its class. This is obviously hugely gratifying for us to receive this independent endorsement, and details and the review will be available on our booth in Frankfurt (Germany).”

FELIXprinters is now gearing up for the biggest additive manufacturing (AM) and 3D printing event of the year — Formnext, which takes place in Frankfurt, November 19-22.

The Pro L and XL machines (which will be working on FELIXprinters booth at Formnext) can be easily installed within a manufacturing setting, and both can be transported through a normal office door opening (900 mm).  The Pro L and XL come with a range of automated and intelligent features that remove many of the tedious and time-consuming hurdles often associated with AM, and speeding up the overall process. A stand-out example of this is the design of the dual nozzle. When the dual extruders are printing together they are at different print levels, avoiding any collisions and minimizing print failure. Moreover, if one nozzle is idle, it is automatically rotated out of the way so that there is no interference with the printed part, again avoiding damage to the print (and print failure).

FELIXprinters is unique in the AM sector for the extent of the relationships that it encourages with its customers. The company believes that for customers to get the best from their use of 3D printing, they need to work as a strategic partner and advisor, ensuring that the use of the technology is optimized for each individual application. This relationship with the customer also extends into the nature of the AM platforms that the company produces, with FELIXprinters often developing tailor-made advanced 3D printing solutions bespoke to specific customer applications.

A key development, and one for which details will be available at Formnext (in advance of an imminent commercial launch) is the FELIX BIO 3D printer. FELIXprinters has worked alongside the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) to ensure that it is leading the way in the development of practical 3D bio-printing solutions, balancing both form and function.

Wilgo Feliksdal continues, “We are delighted to be at the advanced development stage of our printing solution for biomedical applications, and attendees at Formnext will be able to come and discuss the technology with our team of experts. The FELIX BIO 3D printer is designed to simplify the printing process by guiding the user through every step. It also gives users numerous options and a great deal of control, with the ability to print with a wide range of biomaterials that mimic the native environment of each specific type of cell. Users can optimize the process for heart tissue, skin, cartilage, bone, etc., thanks to special features such as exchangeable print heads that offer multiple options for heating and cooling according to the needs of the material.”

Attendees are invited to come to booth A66 at Formnext to see all the company’s machines in action, and to handle the parts that the FELIX range of machines can produce in order to assess first hand the exceptional quality and accuracy that can be attained. In addition, the company invites attendees to bring details of specific applications to the booth that our team of on-site experts can discuss with you to advise of the FELIX AM platform that will best fit your requirements.


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