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Improved visualization and control for industrial applications

September 5, 2019  

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Turck’s new programmable TX700 series of HMI/PLCs has a range of available communication interfaces ranging from Modbus RTU to OPC-UA and support for a variety of industrial Ethernet fieldbuses.

This makes them ideal for modern automation systems in a wide range of industries.

The TX700 family uses multicore processors at an operating frequency of 800 MHz and a modern Linux based platform. This makes it possible to implement complex control tasks and visualizations. The TX700’s all-glass capacitive touch display provides intuitive operation with gesture control similar to that used in smartphones, increasing flexibility.

With their range of interfaces, the TX700 units offer versatile use for visualization and control in distributed applications such as at conveyors and other automated applications. Alarm and system visualization is easy, and overall system complexity is reduced through the single device functioning as both the HMI interface and logic controller.

Thanks to three separate Ethernet ports, users can physically separate communication to cloud or office IT networks from the machine control network. This ensures reliable PLC operation and enables switch functions to be implemented to support line topology with Ethernet. A Sub-D connector for serial communication, an SD card slot as well as two USB ports complete the range of physical interfaces.


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