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Large diameter TBH series industrial ball valves

February 19, 2020   Don Horne

Hayward Flow Control announces the launch of its market leading TBH Series True Union Industrial Ball Valves in Large Diameter Sizes.

Now available in sizes 2-1/2” / DN65 through 6” / DN150, the TBH Series range provides Hayward customers with a complete range of sizes and key features. As with the TBH Series sizes up to 2” / DN50, the larger diameter valves continue to insure protection of systems and operators with an integral lock-out plate that secures to the body of the valve. The new sizes also have an ISO 5211 actuator mounting bolt pattern as standard.

The new TBH sizes feature an integral footpad for easy installation on skids or panel mounts. Additionally, the larger diameter TBH Series now features a GF-PP (glass filled polypropylene) ergonomic handle for improved grip and comfort, as well as long term performance in demanding conditions. Available in PVC and CPVC materials, the large diameter TBH Series are fully pressure rated for 235 PSI / PN16 at 70°F / 23°C non-shock across all sizes and materials. End connection options include socket, threaded and flanged IPS, DIN/EN or JIS.

Key Features, Benefits and Advantages Include:

  • GFPP Lockout/Tagout plate that secures directly to valve body for enhanced safety – standard
  • Integral ISO5211 mounting flange – standard
  • Permanent markings, eliminates labels
  • Integral footpad for skid or panel mount
  • Engineered Double O-Ring stem seal design
  • Reversible PTFE seats – standard
  • Direct replacement for existing Hayward TB Series
  • NSF/ANSI 61 and 372 Listed
  • Backed by Hayward’s Exclusive 3 Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA 

As part of the TBH family, Hayward also offers the TBH-Z model with a drilled “Z” ball for Sodium Hypochlorite service, as well as the CVH Series with the Profile2 ball for characterized flow. Additional options and accessories for all models include Hayward’s industry leading line of pneumatic and electric actuators, manual limit switches, and stem extensions. The TBH, TBH-Z and CVH Series are also available in bare stem / actuation-ready configurations.

Typical applications or installations for the TBH Series include, but not are not limited to, municipal waste and water treatment, clean water technology, chemical transfer and processing, aquatic and animal life support systems, mining and mineral processing, metal plating / surface finishing, marine, pulp and paper, landfills / environmental infrastructure and other demanding applications.


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