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Lorenz line now includes Iris Valves

June 17, 2019   Don Horne

Lorenz Conveying Products has been a long time manufacturer of pneumatic conveying components including diverter valves and gates for dry bulk conveying.

Recently, our line has been extended to include Iris Valves which is a perfect partner to our other products. Lorenz announced the acquisition of SMS Iris flow control valves in September 2018. The newly named Lorenz Conveying Products USA Inc. plant, located in Normal, Ill. has remained with current employees and resources in place.

“This addition of the Iris flow valves to our product line is the perfect fit with our other products, and will allow us to service our customer base more effectively from the new location”, said Peter Lorenz, president of Lorenz Conveying Products. “It gives us a new customer base that blends seamlessly with our existing clients.  The USA base is in the perfect location extending our offering to our existing clients in both the U.S.A. and Canada.”

Iris Valve closed.

Lorenz Iris Valves continue to be manufactured to the original design. In addition to the flanged inlet/outlet, an intermediate ring is introduced in the middle of the tubular diaphragm. This “middle” or “intermediate” ring is rotated while the two flanges remain stationary. Since the middle ring rotates through 180 degrees, the diaphragm is Double Locked. An added advantage of this type of valve is that with the bottom flange being “fixed” or stationary, the valve can be easily used in down-line equipment.

The Iris Valve is used to control the flow of powders, granules, flakes or crystals in a wide range of production equipment like hoppers, bins, dryers, blenders, bulk bag unloaders and vertical pipe lines. The principle industries that utilize the Iris Valve are chemical, food processing, plastics, pharmaceutical, dairy, fertilizer and detergent…pretty much anything dry!

The Double Locking Series is available in aluminum or 304 and 316 stainless steel. Aluminum valves have a mild steel, zinc-plated rotating ring.  In this type of valve the locking lever is manufactured from either aluminum or stainless steel. PU coated nylon diaphragms are the standard.

When the product being conveyed is abrasive an optional “guide sleeve” is recommended to ensure the product doesn’t have direct contact with the diaphragm resulting in longer life to the diaphragm.

One week delivery time is our standard.


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