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Meeting the needs of manufacturers with supply chain issues

April 28, 2020   Don Horne

AW-Lake continues to maintain their standard lead times on flow meter orders to serve the needs of manufacturers, especially those experiencing a disruption in their supply chain.

A survey conducted by the National Association of Manufacturers reported that 36 per cent of manufacturers are experiencing supply chain disruptions or receiving parts late or not at all.  AW-Lake can provide standard delivery in just three-to-five days on all Variable Area meters with same day shipping available on their most popular models.

As manufacturers look for alternate suppliers, AW-Lake remains open as a domestic source of flow meters to serve essential businesses.  Anticipating possible disruptions in its supply chain, the company increased inventory levels weeks ago to maintain production levels of all product lines, including Coriolis, positive displacement and turbine as well.

For companies looking for Variable Area flow meters as new or replacement parts, the company offers a broad product range of general use and application-specific models that address the requirements of a variety of industries.

  • Basic Variable Area flow meters monitor pump performance and measuring hydraulic fluids.
  • Bi-Directional flow meters monitor pump performance as well as measuring fluids in hydraulic circuits and cooling systems where the flow is measured in both directions.
  • High Temperature Variable Area flow meters enable flow monitoring of barrel heating fluids, thermal transfer fluids such as Syltherm® coolant flows, hydraulic circuits, and sub-circuits.
  • Pneumatic Variable Area flow meters monitor air compressor efficiencies, pneumatic tool air consumption, and industrial gas flow.
  • Case Drain flow meters serve as a low-cost alternative for monitoring pump performance and identifying required maintenance.

Companies looking for drop-in replacement meters due to out of stock issues with their current supplier will find a Cross Reference tool on the company website. AW-Lake continues to provide customer support and training through virtual technology such as Zoom and Facetime.


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