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MID-002 certified high pressure hydrogen flow meter

April 30, 2018  

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KEM Küppers Elektromechanik GmbH and AW-Lake Company today announced that their TCMH 0450 High Pressure TRICOR Coriolis flow meter is the world’s first MI-002 /OIML137 certified Coriolis flow meter for hydrogen dispensing applications.

By securing this certification, the TCMH 0450 can now be used in custody transfer applications – specifically in hydrogen dispensing stations for the fast-growing hydrogen-powered vehicle market. A recent industry report by Research and Markets predicts that over 22.2 million hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be sold or leased worldwide generating collective revenues upwards of $1.1 trillion for the auto industry. By using the TCMH 0450 flow meter, companies can sell hydrogen fuel to end users with taxation. Without a certified fuel dispenser, the taxation of hydrogen is not possible.

“Hydrogen is a very light gas that requires a high energy density to produce sufficient energy for the car,” explains Marius Merten, TRICOR Coriolis Business Development Manager. “Therefore, flow meters in hydrogen dispensers must operate at high pressures (up to 1050 bar), and tolerate extreme and rapid temperature changes. These demanding conditions make it technologically difficult for custody transfer measurements to be performed according to the international regulations for gases. With the TCMH 0450 TRICOR Coriolis Flow Meter, we are the first and only manufacturer to fulfill current international regulations for hydrogen dispensing applications. This type of innovation is a core competency of our company group.”


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