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Mini wireless I/O module for remote monitoring, on/off automation

August 14, 2019   Don Horne

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry expands its product line with the Mini Wireless I/O Module that provides a cost-effective wireless control solution for customers.

This innovative module integrates an antenna capable of a three-mile range, which allows a pair of modules to communicate in a point-to-point mode or modules can communicate directly to a SignalFire Gateway.

The Mini Wireless I/O includes 2 relays to control actuators, valves and pumps plus 2 digital inputs for pulse counting or on/off type sensors, such as pressure switches, valve position sensors, etc.  For added versatility it also includes an analog input to measure the signal from a 1-5Vdc transmitter.  The small DIN rail form factor with low power consumption makes for ease of installation and retrofit in existing electrical cabinets.

“We decided to scale down our Wireless I/O Module to fewer points and include the remote-control function of the relay output to simplify and reduce the implementation cost for those smaller scale applications,” says Sandro Esposito, product line director at SignalFire. “The two modes of operation are Point-to-Point or Remote. These modes provide for either a cable replacement for digital and relay signals or for monitoring of sensors and control of actuators.”


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