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New custom-built RTD and thermocouple assemblies

April 5, 2022   Don Horne

Get the right equipment for your process with our new custom assemblies to monitor temperature. We are excited to announce that Ashcroft now offers RTD and thermocouple assemblies for both light industrial and heavy industrial installations, including reactors, heat exchangers, LNG vessels and more.

Whether your application is for light-industrial temperature measurements or critical heavy-duty installations, our wide range of reliable RTD and thermocouple probes are custom-configured to meet your specific application requirements.

Intrinsically safe and explosion-proof versions for use in hazardous locations include FM approval. A terminal block and a variety of heads accommodate a choice of direct wiring or the addition of a 4-20 mA output transmitter.

With a broad selection of connections, stems, lags and thermowells, Ashcroft Types S01, S10, S50, S70, S80 & S81 RTD and thermocouple probes can be custom configured to meet the specifications of nearly any EPC or large project requirement.


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