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New HEULE tool catalogue now available

May 15, 2019  

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HEULE Tool Corporation presents a new 12-page, full-colour catalogue which introduces their lineup of tooling to machine front and back bore edges in a single pass, saving the time and labor normally required to flip the workpiece.

Manufactured of hardened tool steel and fitted with exchangeable carbide blades, innovative HEULE tools feature coatings and blade geometries matched to the material to be machined to maximize service life of the blades and tooling life cycle.

Designed for use with automatic machine tools, they are ideal for front and back deburring, chamfering and countersinking, and more.

Copies are available in English, Spanish and French, for download at https://www.heuletool.com/catalogs/, with hard copies available upon request.

Standard back bore machining technologies detailed include COFA tooling for deburring, SNAP tooling for chamfering, DEFA for chamfering with high dimensional accuracy, and VEX for drilling and chamfering. Additional standard technologies detailed include BSF tooling for back spotfacing, SOLO tooling for automatic front and back counterboring, GH-Z/E tooling for counter-sinking and back spotfacing, and GH-K tooling for chatter-free countersinking.

In addition to standard products available from stock, HEULE provides tailored solutions which combine multiple operations in a single tool or adapt tool dimensions and blades to suit particular machining requirements.


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