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New steam filter prevents carbon shedding in processing

February 7, 2019   Don Horne

Donaldson Company, Inc. has helped to address a potential contamination risk posed by carbon tube steam filters with the introduction of a new stainless steel alternative that fits into most existing carbon tube housings.

Donaldson’s new GSL-N stainless steel filter, introduced in 2018, eliminates potential carbon shedding in high-temperature, high-pressure applications, including dairy, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical processing.

The stainless steel GSL-N element complies with the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) and exceeds 3-A Sanitary standards for producing culinary steam. Donaldson developed the alternative filter at the request of dairy processors who discovered carbon particles in their process following a high-force event such as water hammer.

“Since GSL-N filters fit most legacy carbon tube housing, processors can upgrade to durable stainless steel without expensive remodeling,” said Richard Juskowiak, Product Support Specialist with Donaldson Company in the Process Filtration group. “Dairy processors in particular can comply with the PMO without worry that their carbon filters may shed particles downstream into their process or product.”

GSL-N elements also have the following advantages:

  • They are constructed with 316L stainless steel for operation in high-temperature and high-pressure environments;
  • With efficiency of 99.9% at 2 microns, they exceed 3-A Standards for culinary-grade steam, which requires the removal of 95% of contaminants 2 microns and larger;
  • They can be ultrasonically cleaned up to six times before replacement, saving costs over non-reusable carbon filters; and
  • Their pleated media provides greater filtration surface area than carbon, reducing pressure drop by a factor of eight, which conserves energy.


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