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NK Technologies 2020 product catalogue now available

March 3, 2020   Don Horne

NK Technologies released its new 2020 product catalogue, featuring performance data, sizes, specifications, and technical references for the company’s extensive portfolio of current sensing switches, transducers, transformers, and ground fault protection products.

The new catalogue includes recently-introduced products such as:

  • DT-BB DC current transducer: Allows a split-core transducer to be installed over existing bus bars or wire. It can be mounted on a panel or DIN rail, and is rated to measure DC current with working voltage to 1,500 VDC. The innovative design puts the current sensing components in one housing with the signal conditioning, reducing installation time while improving both accuracy and safety.
  • AG-LC ground fault sensor: Makes it easy to meet the latest NEC ground fault protection requirement for the main overcurrent device feeding marinas and boat yards. These services often carry up to 800 amps; most sensor designs will not allow the conductors to pass through a single sensing ring. By designing a sensor in a large solid-core housing, the conductors will not have to be passed through a separate sensing device like a zero-sequence current transformer.

To download the interactive PDF catalog click here, or request a printed copy of at info@nktechnologies.com.


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