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Open, secure automation for low-cost remote PLC, SCADA RTU and edge control extended

April 17, 2018  

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Bedrock Automation has introduced a lower-cost and high-performance controller that combines PLC, RTU and edge control; intrinsic cyber security; and universal I/O into a compact standalone module that is ideal for remote monitoring and control applications.  The Bedrock OSA® Remote is configured with the standard Bedrock IEC 61131-3 engineering tools, and features a wide operating temperature range, a hardened metal enclosure, and pricing below conventional mini PLCs or RTUs.

 “Many users automating remote operations in public utilities, oil & gas, pipelines and other applications want the intrinsic security, software-defined I/O, open engineering software tools, and high performance of our Bedrock OSA system, but need fewer than 20 I/O and do not need the higher channel count and redundancy our backplane provides,” says Bedrock Automation Founder and CEO, Albert Rooyakkers. “For those applications we have packed our core Bedrock functionality into a unified small footprint.  This drives the cost of engineering, implementing, operating and securing edge automation to record lows, reducing barriers to IIoT and Industry 4.0 business innovation.”

The Bedrock OSA Remote starting price of $2900 is just one way that Bedrock Automation is driving down the cost of PLC, RTU and edge control.  Cyber security, universal I/O, small footprint, open connectivity, free engineering software, broad temperature operating range and sheer computing power also contribute in the following ways:

  • Universal I/O. Each OSA Remote channel can be programmed for analog, discrete and digital connectivity supporting pulse, AI/AO, DI/DO, HART 7, BSAP, RS-232/485/422, Ethernet IP, ModBus TCP, 61850, DNP3, PROFINET, DeviceNet, CAN Bus and BACnet.  Such a broad array of options dramatically reduces engineering time, maintenance and spares management.  Other vendors have some programmable I/O in their premium DCSs, but no one delivers as much flexibility to the edge as Bedrock Automation.
  • Open Connectivity. Much of the benefit of the IIoT and Industry 4.0 innovation depends on open connectivity, but that comes with risk.  Bedrock OSA Remote provides a secure SCADA uplink for OPC UA, and will also support MQTT and DDS later this year.  This gives end users more flexibility in deploying the applications that are best for their business.
  • Small footprint. In addition to needing fewer modules thanks to the programmability of OSA Remote, at 137 mm (5.4 inches) X 226 mm (8.9 inches) and 59 mm (2.3 inches) thick,

OSA Remote takes up minimal cabinet real estate, which is important in remote areas where space is at a premium.

  • Free engineering software. Where most other companies charge thousands of dollars in license fees for their engineering software, Bedrock Automation provides IEC 61131-3 standard software that is free for an unlimited number of users.
  • Broad temperature range. All Bedrock OSA Remote controllers operate at temperature ranges between -40° C and +80° C without fans or forced draft, providing lower cost and higher reliability.
  • Computing power. With an array of cyber secure and multi-core ARM processors, 512Mb RAM, 8Gb or 32Gb Flash, MRAM for retained variables and a supercapacitor to retain firmware for years without power, OSA Remote has the computational power and communication bandwidth needed to run the advanced edge control and analytics expected in a modern deployment of automation.
  • Intrinsic cyber security.  In addition to preventing costly and potentially dangerous cyber intrusion, Bedrock intrinsic cyber security reduces the need for external firewalls, intrusion detection and other devices.  This intrinsic security can even extend protection to other legacy systems, functioning as a secure proxy.

“Bedrock Automation recognizes that implementing open control solutions at the edge offers the potential to deliver tremendous financial benefits for end users by flattening automation hierarchies to eliminate much of the cost and effort it might otherwise take to maintain and operate those layers,” says Mark Sen Gupta, Director of Research, ARC Advisory Group. “But the company also recognizes that unless this openness is protected from cyber threats, all the elegance of open solutions could be for naught.  Bedrock Automation’s OSA Remote is that company’s solution for secure edge control in remote sites.”



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