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Portable lighting Iron X Quick Change Series

July 16, 2018  

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Larson Electronics LLC, has released a vast line of portable LED lighting systems for use in industrial and combustible environments. These quick-change lighting assemblies are designed with maximum versatility in mind and feature a variety of mounting options. These explosion proof LED units can be used in Class I, II and III flammable environments, hazardous locations and confined spaces.

The Iron X Series LED light heads from Larson Electronics are compatible QC mounting solutions that feature rugged and powerful LED lamps, capable of offering energy-efficient illumination for more than 50,000+ hours. This series of portable explosion proof lighting includes 150-watt and 50-watt units.

The Larson Electronics 150-watt Iron X Quick Change Assembly is a comprehensive, explosion proof lighting solution for flammable environments and hazardous locations. This Iron X QC assembly offers 17,500 lumens of intense illumination with a flood beam configuration. The Larson Electronics 50-watt Iron X Quick Change Assembly takes on a slim, compact build while offering 6,250 lumens of intense light output. LED lamp-head configurations for both the 150 and 50-watt Iron X QC lamps vary from single-fixture setups to six lamp-head configurations.

Once secured on the mount, the LED lamps can be adjusted up or down (90 degrees) with the preferred position locked in place and can illuminate areas up to 10,000 square feet. Cutting-edge optics promote robust flood-beam configurations, while multiple driver banks reduce points of failure. Solid-state, LED technology ensures the lamps stand up to rough contact throughout the entire work process from setup to tear-down. Suitable for locations that experience frequent washdown sessions, the Iron X Series LED lights are waterproof and protected by corrosion-resistant housings.

All mounting options from the QC series are compatible with the Iron X QC LED fixture. QC mounting options include: standard ‘X’ base stand, magnet mount base stand, adjustable magnet mount (for curved surfaces), base stand with pole extension, tripod tower, winch tripod tower, wheelbarrow cart and scaffold/ladder rack j-hook mount.

These explosion proof LED units can be customized for voltage compatibility. Voltage selections include: 120-277V AC 50/60 Hz (universal), 120-277V AC stepped down to 12V or 24V DC and 11-25V DC. Plug options for this series include: NEMA straight blade, NEMA twist lock, IEC 60309 pin/sleeve explosion proof straight blade and explosion proof pin/sleeve.

The Larson Electronics Quick Change (QC) Series is compatible with several cutting-edge lighting accessories. These products range from replacement parts to additional system components designed to meet meticulous operating requirements of industrial projects and boost reliability of equipment.

“The most notable feature of the QC Series, besides the portable energy-efficient LED lamps, is the amount of flexible mounting options available,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC. “Many of these mounting options don’t require any tools so they can be installed and changed out quickly at the job site.”

Larson Electronics LLC

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