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Pressure transmitters for hazardous applications

June 29, 2020   Don Horne

Utilizing rugged, reliable bonded foil strain gage technology, Dylix provides an intrinsically safe unit that’s both accurate and stable.

Stainless steel construction gives these sensors the capability of withstanding harsh environments while continuing to provide high accuracy with low vulnerability to shock or vibration.

Dylix Pressure Sensors has been deemed an essential manufacturer, and will remain open for the foreseeable future during the COVID-19 crisis.

A Full Line of Intrisically Safe Sensors  Serving a Variety of Applications

BR7 – High pressure, 20,000-100,000 psiWater jet cutting, high pressure cleaning, descaling

GX7 – General purpose, 30-15,000 psiTank farms, processing

GXR7 – Ruggedized general purpose, 1-20,000 psi Chemical plants

FHM7 – Flush diaphragm, 100-5,000 psi3A (CIP) pharmaceutical, product mixing

MTM7 – Mini flush diaphragm, 10,000 psiPaint, adhesive, foam application

RN7 – Hammer union, 5,000-20,0000 psiOil/gas wellhead pressure

Various pressure ports, connectors, and cable options  are available on most models.


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