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Probes for high temperature and high dust load flue gases

April 27, 2018  

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The E Instruments 40”(1m) and 60”(1.5m) Inconel flue gas sampling probes with a sintered filter are essential for many combustion applications such as incinerators, coal fired boilers, cement kilns, and steel furnaces that produce flue gases with high temperatures and large amounts of dust, particulates, and ash.

Key Features of these probes include the following:

• Probes available in 40”(1m) or 60”(1.5m) lengths;

• Good for use in flue gases up to 2200oF(1200oC);

• Each probe includes 10’(3m) sampling hose with hose extensions available as needed;

• Compatible with all E Instruments portable industrial flue gas & emissions analyzers; and

• Sintered Filter with half-shield for easy mounting to end of probe shaft.



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